Blarney Castle is More Than Kissing an Old Stone

Irish Legend May or May Not Bring the Gift of Eloquence

Blarney Castle, Ireland
Credit: Scott S. Bateman

Dungeons and Upside Down People

Visitors stand in line to kiss the stone. The seated gentleman is an employee who prevents kissers from falling through the hole. Credit: Scott S. Bateman

Look up to see people hanging down

My wife bravely sticks her head through the hole upside down to kiss the stone while a castle employee keeps her from plunging below. Credit: Scott S. Bateman

Smooching the Old Stone

To kiss or not to kiss

Castle Gardens; Beware the Poisons

Blarney Castle gardens. Credit: Scott S. Bateman

Hours, Directions and Prices

Blarney Castle pergola
Blarney Castle pergola

Nearby Attractions

Scott S. Bateman is a journalist and publisher. He spent nearly 3 decades in management including 2 major media companies.

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