Odd that you are so furious, need to launch personal attacks and still can’t read my comments clearly.

In fact, you are making up things I didn’t say. Where did I claim that "force is justified at all times by the police"? Despite my clear comments, you also seem to believe that I’m defending Chauvin.

It’s ludicrous to think that police are trying to kill a violent felon simply by subduing him. If that were true, we’d have tens of thousands of more dead felons every year. The truth is they jacked up the charges both for legal strategy and to appease the agitators.

And again, which you can’t seem to grasp from my comments, I believe that a murder charge for Chauvin is appropriate. But there is no proof of racism or intent to kill.

How does an "attorney" mangle someone's written words so badly? That's especially sad -- and scary.

Scott S. Bateman is a journalist and publisher. He spent nearly 3 decades in management including 2 major media companies. https://www.PromiseMedia.com

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