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Executives, small business owners and other ambitious people often throw every ounce of themselves into a career. But the average manager doesn’t have quite the same ambition. He or she values a life outside of work, such as family, and isn’t willing to work 100 hours a week or more. For many managers, though, a 40-hour week isn’t enough.

Instead, they will find a high level of productivity and a good balance between career and life by averaging a 50-hour week. That number has a sound basis in both reality and science.

The science behind the 50-hour workweek isn’t new…

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Website publishers who manage online advertising inventory will almost certainly grow more revenue than sites that don’t manage it.

The concept is easy for website publishers to overlook when so much else requires their attention.

Think of online ad inventory this way: Is it better to have a site with 100,000 page views a month and three ads per page or a site with 200,000 page views a month and two ads per page?

The first site has 300,000 ad impressions a month while the other one has 400,000 a month.

The choice is a no brainer

The second site has 33% more ad inventory and…

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A “good manager” is someone who earns that label by understanding that it comes with time, maturity, experience and a dedication to learning.

Although some people have a better knack for management than others, good managers don’t appear overnight. They get better over time; their win rate starts to go up. They start to get more positive feedback, which in turn motivates them to keep growing. The ones that do have the best chances at promotions and successful careers.

The Maturing Manager

Maturity in management is the result of memorable work experiences — especially the ones that are the highest highs and lowest…

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Leadership goals are most achievable when the information supporting those goals is current and accurate.

The full-year strategic management plan I finished during the annual budget process in November will undoubtedly require changes by January. During the two-month period between November and January, it is entirely possible that:

  1. Sales will increase or decrease more than expectations.
  2. Or a top department head resigns to take over a new job.
  3. Or a major client reduces or cancels a lucrative agreement.
  4. Or so many other possibilities.

Managers who set rigid goals and ignore our increasingly fluid economy risk failing to achieve their goals…

Stewart Park, Ithaca
Stewart Park, Ithaca
Weeping willows line the peaceful Stewart Park and Cayuga Lake in Ithaca. © Scott S. Bateman

The beautiful lakeside city of Ithaca, NY has plenty of tourist attractions for any weekend visitor.

Like other college towns, Ithaca has many short-term visitors thanks to friends, parents and relatives of the 22,000 students enrolled at Cornell University and another 6,800 at Ithaca College.

They come to Ithaca to drop off or pick up students, attend their graduation or just spend a little time together. Sometimes Mom and Dad can’t stay away for too long.

For whatever reason they come, Ithaca visitors will find at least 10 worthwhile things to do to fill the entire trip. Most if not…

Crisis after crisis are vital tests for democracy and Constitution

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Donald Trump has done America a favor with his four-year downward spiral and a crisis ending his Presidency. This nation will benefit greatly as a result.

Trump’s flamboyance, pseudo masculinity, zero filter personality and “white Christian America first” policy got him elected. But it also inevitably led to skyrocketing debt, Russian favoritism, one scandal and controversy after another, and countless other social, political and economic problems.

Fortunately, America was getting complacent and needed a serious test of its commitment to democracy and the Constitution. Trump gave America that test in 10 important ways.

1 — He brought right-wing militia and seditionists out from the shadows

We have known the danger of right-wing…

Hot topics may undermine relationships and job security

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The First Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights has an important exception in real life. It doesn’t apply to most workplaces.

The relevant passage in the Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech”. The passage applies to public environments. It does not apply to “private actors,” according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Employers are private actors.

But even with this limit, there are good reasons why free speech at work is a risky idea for everyone, including executives, management and employees. …

Leadership skills depend on correct use of authority and influence

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Power is a necessary driving force for leaders and managers. They are more likely to succeed with the effective use of power and more likely to fail without it.

The definition of the word shows why it’s a worthwhile concept for managers to consider. Dictionaries largely agree that power is control, authority or influence over other people. Control, authority and influence are exactly what most managers possess because they need them to motivate employees.

The word power doesn’t show up in most everyday discussions at work because it has a…

Even great leaders can’t guarantee success in all situations

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Experienced managers learn that success is a combination of luck and effort. Arrogant and inexperienced managers may think any success is entirely from effort.

Anyone who works in management long enough will see many managers rise and fall according to their measures of luck and effort. Some of the managers who fall end up rising again through ambition and perseverance while others do not. Firings, demotions, layoffs and personal problems derail many careers. The ones who bounce back lick their wounds and find a way to rise once more.

The most successful managers have exceptional traits including higher than average…

How to find other ways to increase job satisfaction

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Money is the primary source of employee motivation. But sometimes no amount of money is worth a terrible job, boss or company. Other factors besides money can and do increase motivation and job satisfaction.

Job wages of course pay for all the basic needs in life including home, food, clothing and transportation. In this respect, all employees are equal. Where they are not equal is how much they want in life and what they are willing to do for the money that pays for those wants.

Experienced managers know that motivation is individualistic. Every person has a personal set of…

Scott S. Bateman

Scott S. Bateman is a journalist and publisher. He spent nearly 3 decades in management including 2 major media companies.

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